A Thanksgiving Message

Today I am grateful. For us, today isn’t about what we celebrate or who started the tradition in this country. Today is about celebrating our Thanksgiving, and that we do so with grateful hearts. This is because Thanksgiving and even the possibility of being thankful assumes that we recognize that everything we have and everything we are we have received freely. We have received so many blessings as pure gifts from God – it is those that should inspire us who have received freely to SHARE these blessings freely with others!

As we all go out and give God thanks for the freedoms and opportunities that we enjoy in this country, I pray that we will become more than just a nation with a sense of fraternity and pride, more than a country focused on our personal political preference or what our neighbor is doing. I pray that we will be a nation that starts with the poor, the hungry and the ostracized, that whatever you do, however small or large, will impact someone else in a positive way.

As Catholics, we need to remember that ‘Eucharist’ literally means Thanksgiving! The mass is the perfect Thanksgiving meal to unite us to Christ in his sacrificial gift of Himself. We give thanks to God for his gift of salvation, our faith, our hope. The gift of knowing that we are loved unconditionally by a merciful and compassionate God. 

Let us take today to recognize the gifts that we have both physically and spiritually. Take just a few moments to be grateful for those gifts and take just a piece of them and make it a point to share that with someone who needs it today.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!