Our Seminary welcomes all who feel they have a calling to serve God. Married, Divorced, Gay, Straight, Male or Female – if you feel you have a calling to serve, so do we!

We do not believe God discriminates in his calling to serve him.

Independent Catholic Seminary

The primary purpose of the Seminary is the preparation of candidates for ordained priesthood in the United States Old Catholic Church. This preparation for pastoral leadership embraces and promotes academic, human, pastoral, and spiritual formation–all necessary traits in your vocation as an ordained minister of the Gospel.

The Seminary pursues its calling to form candidates as responsible and apostolic persons for the service of the Church and world by fostering:

  • Faithful love for Jesus Christ, his Church, and all people
  • Commitment to hand on the tradition
  • Teachings and history of the Church
  • Commitment to the exploration of the mysteries of faith through sustained Scriptural and Theological inquiry
  • Commitment to live life through faith, prayer and wisdom.

About Saint Mary’s Old Catholic Seminary

St. Mary’s Old Catholic Seminary, a ministry of the United States Old Catholic Church, is a private seminary offering a diverse, dynamic and unique learning community with rigorous professional programs for ministry formation.

Our students study for certificates in ministry, religious studies, divinity, and ministry.  The seminary community takes pride in being a student-centered, service-oriented, values-based institution providing not only academics but experience and guidance for your vocation.

St. Mary’s Old Catholic Seminary offers a comprehensive educational program to our seminarians. A curriculum is a hybrid form of face to face and web-based practical and academic training.

Our educational experience involves distance learning, a yearly face to face seminary experience, and a requirement of direct ministry in the seminarian’s home community.  These Three components are each designed to help future ministers receive the best-possible preparation for ordination for the USOCC.

The seminary is offered free of charge (some cost for books) for USOCC seminarians.  All Seminarians must be members of the USOCC or members of church communities that we have Ecumenical Agreements with.

If you feel you are called you are encouraged to begin the application process today!



It should also be noted that St. Mary’s Old Catholic Seminary values the benefits of a diverse faculty and student body. All people, regardless of age, citizenship, color, physical disability, health, ethnicity, family responsibilities, gender identity or expression, marital status, matriculation, national origin, physical appearance, race, political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, union membership, or veteran status, (and all other unlawful factors which may influence recruiting, hiring, job assignment, promotion, discipline, discharge, compensation, matriculation, granting of course credit, degree conferral, training and other terms, conditions and privileges of employment, participation, educational offering or opportunities) are encouraged to apply for admission.